Summer Instagram Round Up

kate spade beach

Happy Monday beautiful girls! It was a wonderful weekend of simply relaxing and enjoying some down time. The past few weeks, as I’ve mentioned before, have been a bit hectic and they will only get more so in the next month or so. This weekend was perfect for unwinding and spending some quality “me time”. Some “me time” always includes a little Instagrammin’.

I always like to review my most popular posts in the last month to see what people have interacted with the most. Fortunately, the adorable display at the Kate Spade store here in Kansas City was one of the popular ones! I just love the summer line that they had this year. Nothing makes me happier than scenes of palm trees, the beach, and adorable marine life!

diy milk bottles

Another popular post was this iced coffee and gallery wall! More than anything I love this photo because of the adorable glass milk bottle I put my coffee in. The striped straw also adds a little something extra! I found the straw and milk bottle in a set of four for only $3! Home Goods always has something interesting in their store!

summer color blocking

My final popular post was of my coral and blue color blocking outfit. I was surprised at how simple this wear-to-work ensemble was and yet how many people really liked it! Wearing bright, vibrant colors is always fun for me because it breaks up the monotony of my navy blue and striped preppy uniform I seem to wear a little too often. ย Working in an office limits you to what you can wear (or get away with). The days of the suit and pantie hose uniform are slipping away in favor of more exciting, stylish outfits. Thank God, right?

Leave me a comment with your favorite photo and a link to a summer-inspired Instagram photo from your account! Follow me on Instagram!


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12 Responses to Summer Instagram Round Up

  1. mackenzienoelm says:

    Such cute photos!!! Love the idea of doing an instagram round up!! xo

  2. Psychobbyist says:

    Hello! Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my humble blog! Best wishes from the Psychobbyist

  3. Loving that little gallery wall! So cute with the milk bottle-it’s the little things in life!! Glad you got in some good “me time”-self love is so important!


  4. I agree with you about the panty hose- hallelujah! So much more flexibility these days in outfit attire! I love all of these instagram posts as well! I’ve been thinking about getting some milk bottles, and I like your idea of using one for iced coffee- makes it even more exciting to drink!

  5. very cool to go back and see what readers like ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the gallery wall with the milk glass…that’s the vintage gal in me ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. That coral is so good on you! Hugs, Kait

  7. Sophie says:

    Some beautiful pictures! Sophie x

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