Sundays in San Antonio

I’ve been here in San Antonio, Texas for the last week and have enjoyed every minute. The people are wonderful and the Mexican food is on point! I absolutely love this state for so many reasons but one the most important is the culture. There’s so much going on here in terms of food, people, languages, music, and even shopping. Oh the shopping! It’s wonderful! I spent some time in the high-end shopping district of La Centara! My sweet boyfriend took these pictures of me in this lovely place. He puts up with so much!

nars red lipstick

I drug him around from store to store and he pretended to enjoy it. We went into Tory Burch and were offered mimosas, I guess they thought I looked rich enough to buy something there. Wrong! I came across a beautiful fur jacket hanging on a rack and was stupid enough to ask what animal it was. Rabbit and fox fur. I just smiled and thanked the lady but felt a little sick. I love animals! I’m not a vegetarian or anything but furs just upset me a little.

la cantara shopping mall

Before the stores opened my boyfriend took a few pretty shots of me and my shopping-approved outfit. I can’t believe how hot it gets here! I find myself wearing tanks and shorts only with nothing else in the foreseeable future. My top is a black lace baby-doll style tank from Ann Taylor (fabulous find from the Ann Taylor store in Charleston on King Street- only $4.99!) My shorts I actually rolled up for a more flattering length. I found them at Marshall’s for $15. I think the designer name is Per Se.

what to wear in texas

stereotypical fashion blogger photos

Growing up when we’d be walking long distances for awhile, my mom would always make me wear sneakers or something comfortable. Well take this, mom! I wore sandals all day and they were quite wonderful! I found them on sale a few weeks ago at Target for $9!

embellished leather sandals

To add a little more bling to my outfit, I added a few bracelets I found at Ann Taylor Loft. Unfortunately, one of them kept getting stuck on the lace in my top. First world problems!

Pearl bracelets

The final piece to my outfit was my prized Kate Spade bag! Another great find at the San Marcos outlets here in San Antonio!

kate spade bag

I’m enjoying every minute of my time here in the great state of Texas! I go home in a week and am going to miss it so much. It’s absolutely beautiful here in ways I didn’t know were possible. Who knew cactus plants could look so good? If any of you have have been to this part of Texas, let me know if there’s anything fun I should do while I’m here!



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  1. carmitive says:

    I’ve said it already – lovely post! I’ve just nominated you for the Liebster Award πŸ™‚
    Have a look on

    With love, Carmen

  2. UrbanBlonde says:

    Love the Kate Spade bag!!

  3. MealsWithMel says:

    Looks like a fun time in San Antonio! If you get time check out the town of Fredericksburg and the Texas wine country πŸ™‚

  4. ingrid says:

    You look stunning !!! The bag is so cute (I want one ;)) xxx

  5. carmitive says:

    You look so lovely – a great top πŸ™‚ xx Carmen

  6. Amelia Vesper says:

    Ooh, mimosas at Tory Burch! And I’m so with you on the sandals thing πŸ˜‰ I’ve never been to Texas but it sounds like a fun trip!

    xo Mil

  7. Kaitlin says:

    The Alamo Cafe off 281 North is awesome! They make their tortillas in house and they are amazing. The ceiling is also painted like a sky, and the lights mimic sunrise to sunset about every hour, I believe. And of course the Riverwalk.

    I love that you blog about affordable fashion. I definitely have to buy clothes and accessories on a budget, so I appreciate the recommendations and inspiration!

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