Target Dollar Spot Dorm Room Finds

Oh my goodness you guys, I went to Target the other day (surprise, surprise) and their back to school dollar section was awesome! They had things for teachers, students, and college students. Since I can relate a little more to college students, I figured I’d cover the neat dorm room stuff! So I went through the dollar section with my phone and took photos even though a few people gave me those “what the heck are you doing?” looks while I was doing it. Whatever.

Must-Have Dorm Room Stuff

Once upon a time I was a college freshman and so excited about going to college. I was a little younger than most freshman- 17 years old – and was full of energy. It only took a few months to have that zapped from me but nonetheless, college was a blast! Before I arrived on campus, I went shopping for dorm room stuff. Lots of dorm room stuff. Most of which I didn’t end up needing. I figured I’d share my must-have dorm room items that I got the most use out of!

Cheap dish-ware: Seriously, don’t spend money on cups and plates. You’ll destroy pretty much whatever you use anyway so you only need the cheap stuff. The plastic cups above were only $1!

Inexpensive dorm decor: I had one roommate that literally drilled holes into the wall to hang things. Worst. Idea. Ever. I love the fun cork board, peg board, and wall decals I found in the dollar section! Under $5 each and easy to remove at the end of the year!

Recipe book: My mom printed out a few recipes for me and I’ve kept them in a binder since! If you have a traditional dorm, you’ll want to have easy, no-cook recipes in there that you can whip up before class.

Sturdy laundry basket/hamper: I lugged my hamper to and from the laundry room multiple times and I was glad I invested in one that wouldn’t split open under the weight of 3 weeks worth of laundry.

An actual backpack: No cute little shoulder bags or messenger bags. An actual backpack is what you’ll need to avoid back pain. Those college textbooks get heavy walking across campus!

For college graduates or seniors, leave a comment with one thing you wish you had when you started school!

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10 Responses to Target Dollar Spot Dorm Room Finds

  1. Morgan says:

    Love your cute Target finds! I was over prepared for college especially for going only an hour away from home. With all the college checklists from stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, it’s easy to buy many things you don’t need. It’s great that you posted a list of essentials

  2. I need to pick these things up for my middle schooler! Such cute items!
    xo Debbie |

  3. Diana Pearl says:

    Target has such an amazing dollar section! I love love it.

    x Diana // Pearl Girl

  4. Linda says:

    These are such cute finds!


  5. Oh to be back in college…..My dorm was pretty strict and had the big cement blocks for walls so unless you used tape or ticky-tac nothing was going up. Couldn’t have any appliances in the room….what a great experience NOT!

  6. I love the dollar finds at Target and these are all fun picks you chose, decorating dorm sounds loads of fun, my daughter is headed back to college next week, have a great year!


  7. brianatrev says:

    Target seriously has the best decor! I love your picks!


  8. shannon says:

    oh my gosh so cute- take me back to school!!

  9. susie40s says:

    They always have such neat little items there in the front of Target! Cute stuff you highlighted!

  10. Haha! I was just there this weekend and saw all those cute little things perfect for back to school!

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