Shop the Tassel Trend for Under $50!

tassel trend 
So in case you haven’t noticed, tassels are really on trend for the spring and summer! Although in Dallas, both of those seasons kind of run together because it’s already in the 80s everyday, but nonetheless tassels are popular for the foreseeable future! I’m a style blogger who prefers classic styles to trendy fashions, however even I can get on board with the tassel trend.

One thing I always like to keep in mind when shopping for trendy items is the price and how much use I’ll get out of it. Seeing as how tassels may not be in style next year, I’m keeping my “tassel shopping budget” low and dropping into stores like Forever21 and Target to find a few seasonal favorites! Everything you see here is under $50!

My most recent find is that adorable pink tassel bikini I featured above! Seriously, oh my goodness it’s adorable. The bottoms have tassels the tie on the hips and the top has tassels that tie in the back. The best part is, I found it on clearance too! Browse through some of the links above and leave me a comment with your favorite tasseled item!

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14 Responses to Shop the Tassel Trend for Under $50!

  1. Shruthi says:

    Those pink tassel earrings are everything! They’re so fun and bright <3

  2. I need those baby blue earrings in my life!

    Vanessa |

  3. Claudia says:

    Tassels are so cute and perfect for spring time!

  4. I’m loving tassels too! You found some cute ones!

  5. Dayna Reyna says:

    Wow these are such great finds! Love those shoes. Thanks for sharing! xo Dayna //

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Really cute ideas! We live in the “land of brown”~ my husband loves earth tones (that translates to “brown” and “shades of brown”) so our home revolves around these colors. I’m relegated to using more vibrant colors in accent pieces. But I’ll take it! Hot pink pillows and bright blue rugs! Yay!
    Thanks for some inspiration today, Liz!

  7. susie40s says:

    I love all the items you chose with tassels! I especially like the pink bikini. Definitely gonna see if they have it in my size!

  8. These are all amazing picks! I am loving tassels right now!!! xo

    – Tessa

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