The Best Sales Happening This Weekend!

sales for this weekendHappy Saturday! I’ve been super busy with work lately (read this post to understand why) but I wanted to take some time and round up a few sales happening this weekend! I love a great sale because I’m a total bargain hunter. Full price is the F-word for me! Everyday I read through my emails to see which of my favorite stores is having a discount or promotion and then I either talk myself out of buying whatever is that’s on sale or I just blow all of my money. It’s always a toss up.

A few of my favorite sales happening right now are the Bath & Body Works annual candle sale. I literally can’t wait to walk in the store and push and shove my way to Christmasy candles! Peppermint mocha latte in hand of course!

Another sale I’m super excited about is from my friend’s online boutique Anderson Road Co. They’ve marked down a lot of their items and are offering 50% off everything on top of that using code HOLIDAY50. It’s seriously such an amazing sale! I just bought two of these pineapple cocktail shakers to give as gifts and I got them for $15 each regularly $80!

Pass this along to your friends so they can enjoy the deals as well! Happy shopping!

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2 Responses to The Best Sales Happening This Weekend!

  1. Lauren schlothauer says:

    I May just HAVE to go and buy some Christmas candles this weekend – you know with them being less than $9 a piece!

  2. Okay, I confess, I started reading, then OHMYGOD BATH&BODY WORKS 3-WICK CANDLES ARE ONLY $8.95?! And I dashed off to shop the website, and forgot all about finishing reading your blog post! I just re-discovered it when I was closing a bunch of tabs, ha ha. SEE WHAT POWER YOU HAVE?! You made me spend money on a day i was NOT going to spend any money!!! So…Thank You…or Damn You! Ha.


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