The Ultimate Spring Break Style Packing List

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February is (finally) ending and a lot of people are planning little spring break getaways to the beaches. If you’re lucky enough to be in college and have actual money to blow, or if you just need a break from the chilly winter months, then start packing your bags because spring break season is just around the corner! Whether you’re heading to Cancun or down to South Padre Island here in Texas, these spring break style must-haves need to be in your online shopping cart. Having gone to the beach so much growing up and in college, I’m sharing my top 5 must-haves! 

Spring Break Essentials

1. Always, always pack some sort of beach cover up. Never leave your hotel room without it. A lot of restaurants near beaches require a bathing suit cover up be worn in the restaurant. You don’t want to be the only one in your group of friends who can’t get into the yummy Mexican place because you’re wearing a dripping wet bikini.

2. Sunscreen for your body and lips is crucial if you’re under a strong sun and down south, the sun is much more intense. I learned this the hard way. Sun poisoning does a number on your skin let me tell you.

3. Bring a plastic, sealable bag for your wet swimsuit. Quite a few times I’ve been at the beach and decided to change into dry clothes and I had no where to put my swimsuit. My least favorite thing ever is when stuff gets damp that shouldn’t be.

4. Comfy sandals like the ones pictured above are the perfect day to night shoe that requires minimal effort but still looks adorable. If you can only take one pair of shoes, ditch the heels because strappy sandals are even better!

5. Don’t forget your pool floatie! I admit, this isn’t a must-have technically. However, for the days that you rather just float in the pool with friends and listen to the poolside DJ, then you need a fabulous pineapple pool float. Flamingo pool floats are also a great option.

Enjoy your spring break! I’ll be staying in Dallas for spring break season but I’m there on the beach with you in spirit! Also, newbie bloggers check out my consulting page if you need free consulting for your blog!

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21 Responses to The Ultimate Spring Break Style Packing List

  1. Love your picks!!! I really want that pineapple float, lol! It’s too cute!



  2. PishtoPosh says:

    Great list! I need that blue statement necklace- just for everyday as I have no beach vacation plans yet!

  3. Katherine Clemins says:

    Um I’m really glad obnoxious pool toys are still trending because they are the best! I want the donuts this year

  4. susie40s says:

    I love these ideas, and that bathing suit is so cute!

  5. layersofchic says:

    great items for Spring, i’m so ready for warmer weather!

  6. cheersjenna says:

    This is such a fun list. I love the swim suit and the straw hat! Thanks for sharing your picks!

    Cheers, J

  7. Emily Soto says:

    I love all of these picks! Especially the wedges!

  8. Maya D says:

    OMG!!!! It’s almost time for pineapple floats and colorful tassels this is an awesome gift guide. I’m already ready to hang out at the pool and sip cucumber margaritas, Lol!!!

  9. hautestylingblog says:

    Great list! Especially the tip to bring a plastic bag for wet swimsuits! I’ve had to wrap wet swimsuits in towels several times! Never again!

  10. hautestylingblog says:

    Great list! Taking a plastic bag for wet swimsuits is a good idea! I’ve been caught many times having to wrap wet swimsuits in a towel! Never again!

  11. Wow such a fun list, and OMG LIFESAVING TIPS. I am HAPPY I read that you need a coverup for restaurants and love the plastic sealable bag tip.

  12. Rachel says:

    Thanks for putting all this great stuff in one place!! That’s such a cute one piece, and THOSE WEDGES!!! You have great style!!

  13. Love all your picks – especially that pink floral romper!

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