Touring Charleston in the Rain

charleston_homesHello friends! It’s been a busy few days with insane travel and little projects I’ve been working on. I left Saturday for my trip to Charleston and was met with snow and ice at the airport. I spent 10 hours waiting for my plane to leave from Reagan National Airport. Needless to say, I became very acquainted with airport staff and the floor. I met some great people though. That’s the funny thing about being stuck somewhere, you’re forced to talk to the people around you and frankly, it’s kind of nice.

I had a job interview on Monday and met some of the nicest people. Their offices were in a big, old home in downtown Charleston. Wide-planked wood floors and beautiful high ceilings with their crystal chandeliers added so much to the style of the house. There’s something incredibly charming about southern style homes around here. As if I didn’t want the job enough, the office location made it a hundred times more desirable.

After my interview, I went exploring and unfortunately got a little lost on the wrong side of town. I went into a convenience store and the clerk said in a thick Egyptian accent, “This isn’t the side of King Street you want to be on, let me call a cab.” I was most grateful given that I was soaked to the skin because of the torrential downpour outside and my lack of umbrella.

I got some great pictures of a few old homes around the area though. I found it odd exploring_charleston how some have been so well-cared for and others are dilapidated and look dangerous to walk in. I noticed that many had scaffolding on them so it appears that people are trying to flip them and bring to light the home’s glory days.

I appreciate the traditions and warmth of this town so much. The people are just wonderful and so kind. I had a little boy open the door for me the other day and after I smiled and said “thank you”, he looked at me and said, “you’re welcome, ma’am.” I’ve never been to a place where children are actually polite. Of course there will always be an exception to this observation, but overall I’d say this is a general practice.

As I mentioned earlier, I got some photos of pretty, old homes around here and I’m so happy I get to share them with you!


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  1. Charleston is such a beautiful place<3 The rain always makes me want to snuggle on the couch and listen to the rain.

  2. Charleston is one of the most beautiful places to visit! They have some of the best dining attractions and don’t get us started on the designer brands and local boutiques that fill King Street!

  3. This looks amazing. That southern etiquette is very refreshing when common courtesy is so lacking in the major cities. I’m glad you enjoyed your interviewers, I hope all goes well!

  4. Charleston is beautiful! There’s nothing like the charm of old southern homes. Down here children are taught that if nothing else, you respect people older than you by saying sir and ma’am! haha Good luck with the job!

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