Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Ugly Christmas Sweater


An ugly Christmas sweater knit by your grandma has become a Christmas party classic! Honestly, how can you not love this hilarious and fun party? But how do you make it look good? And where do you get a sweater if your grandma never knitted you one? I have the style know-how and Etsy has a wide variety of sweaters to choose from!

10 Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Let’s start with what you can wear an ugly sweater with- sequin leggings. You’ll literally be festive from head to toe and these leggings were quite a hit last year and I’m thinking they will be again this year. At least I plan on wearing some! Pair them with stilettos (preferably in red for even more festivity) and a cute little clutch like the Betsey Johnson one featured above.

In preparation for the party season, I browsed through Etsy for the ugliest Christmas sweaters and I’m sharing my favorites with you in a variety of price ranges. Leave a comment with your favorite one!

  1. “You Go Glen Coco” Sweatshirt
  2. “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal” Sweatshirt
  3. Grinch Me Sweater
  4. Bumbles Sweater
  5. Vintage Santa Sweater
  6. Beaded Sweater
  7. Embellished Sweater
  8. Peachy Snowman Sweater
  9. Grumpy Cat Sweater
  10. Off-the-Shoulder Sweater

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24 Responses to Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

  1. Oh wow some fabulous options! I’d pick the Bumble, grumpy cat, or off the shoulder! Love this newer holiday tradition.

  2. My gosh I love those sparkle leggings! WANT!

  3. Love it! My friends keep having ugly sweater parties and I’m horribly out of the loop because I don’t own one… Maybe I’ll buy one of these!


  4. Haha, I love the Glen Coco one! Ugly Christmas-Sweater parties are really so much fun. Some friends and I have one every year while doing a Kris Kringle!

  5. Gretchen says:

    Hi Liz! Love this style…i got a pair of glittered leggings and red pumps…thanks for the idea 🙂


  6. potatofaces says:

    Omg, embellished sweater….lost for words….

  7. cohn17 says:

    You need to find the one that is itchiest to really recreate that “thanks, Grandma!” experience.

  8. jessie.marie says:

    I am going to an ugly christmas sweater party tonight! Maybe I’ll have to go find some sequin leggings! I love those!

  9. David says:

    I love sweaters so I’m glad that Christmas sweaters are in this year.

  10. The “you go glen coco” sweater is so perfect

  11. I really want an ugly Christmas sweater.. maybe this year i’ll take the plunge!

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