Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her
Valentine’s Day is two weeks away! Some people love to celebrate while others prefer to make snide remarks about it being a made up holiday. Whatever your feelings of the day that focuses on love, I rounded up a few of my favorite V-Day gifts for women. Dropping hints to guys sometimes just doesn’t work, so maybe an entire blog post on great gifts will. Whatever his budget, he will find something here that’s special just for you!

Valentine’s Gift Ideas

I love my Valentine’s Day to be traditional with yummy chocolates and roses! A card with a special message inside is always something I treasure too. Last year, my dad gave my mom six roses and a little box of chocolates with a card. It was simple but sweet. Sometimes the little things mean the most! Leave a comment with your favorite Valentine’s memory!

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  1. C.K. says:

    Anything Kate Spade and Hunter boots would be a welcome gift for me!

  2. Amelia Vesper says:

    I loooove those red Hunters! So freakin’ cute!

    xo Mil

  3. Anything Kate Spade is always on my wish list. Super cute picks here!

  4. Lor says:

    I agree, I love the traditional flowers and chocolate!
    From your list, I love the mug, candle and pillows πŸ™‚

  5. Those red Hunter are absolutely adorable!



  6. Anonymous says:

    Love the Hunter boots that would make an unusual but thoughtful gift!

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