Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Guys

valentines gifts for guys

Can you guys believe that January is almost over? I’m literally still taking down Christmas decorations (don’t judge me) and now I’m thinking about putting up Valentine’s decorations. I love Valentine’s for so many reasons and most of them include all the pink and red things everywhere! Of course, a girl loves flowers and chocolate on this holiday, and I’m not exception to that. Sometimes I think that our boyfriends and husbands get forgotten on this day. It seems to be all about the ladies instead. I’ve come up with a Valentine’s gift list for guys to share with you today!

What to Get Your Guy for Valentine’s Day

My boyfriend, David, got me a really cute Kate Spade canvas bag last year for Valentine’s Day and I absolutely loved it! This year, I wanted to get him something nice. While I’m still not sure what I’m going to get him this year, but I have a few ideas. Hopefully, my handy Valentine’s gift guide will give you some ideas as well!

For David, I’d love to buy him a pair of Lucchese cowboy boots (they’re pricey!) He’s a true Texan and frankly, I never thought I’d be into a guy who wore something besides boat shoes but he proved me wrong. I love his cowboy boots now!

I’ve chosen Valentine’s gifts in a variety of price ranges to fit every budget! Also, be on the lookout for my galentine’s day gift guide for your besties! I have a few fun gift ideas to share with you and I’m excited! Enjoy your day loves!

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10 Responses to Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Guys

  1. Shauna841505 says:

    I feel so “married” with what I got my husband this year! An Egg Cooker! Ha!!!!

  2. It is always so hard trying to decide on a what to buy for my boyfriend! These are all such great ideas!

    xo, Heather

  3. I just saw that wooden laptop case today and thought how neat and here it is again! Love these ideas, just ordere the BF a monopoly board game with a theme from his fav. video game. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wallet! Perfect idea. My husband has been begging me for a new one since his birthday…woops!

    Top Knots & Sweatpants

  5. susie40s says:

    It is so hard to buy for guys. Great ideas!

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