Valentino Rockstud Dupes on a Budget

rockstud dupesHey girls! Since I moved to Dallas, I’ve been exploring all the fun parts of the city and where all the best stores are. As you can imagine, this city is full of amazing shopping! I went shopping yesterday and noticed how many dupes there are for the Valentino “Rockstud” shoes and wanted to share a few of my favorites. Most of us are probably not in a position to spend $800 or more on a single pair of shoes. Finding lookalikes for my favorites is always exciting for me!

I noticed Nordstrom Rack has a great selection of Rockstud dupes (sometimes you can even find the real ones there for half off). Since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is still going on, people are focusing more on that and not so much on the deals in their discount store. As a bargain hunter, I know that nothing in the sale is going to be near as inexpensive as N. Rack is. Skip the big “sale” and head to the clearance store to find the lookalikes at a better price!

For a slightly higher price tag, Sole Society has a great selection as well! The red kitten heels are on my wish list right now. Ever since I saw one of my former supervisors wearing a pair of red kitten heels I’ve wanted some! I rarely buy high heels because they hurt my feet and I’m a bit of a klutz. Seriously, I trip going up stairs! Let me tell you, that takes talent.

I’ve linked several dupes for you to take a look at. Hopefully one strikes your fancy!


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32 Responses to Valentino Rockstud Dupes on a Budget

  1. annamonteiro16 says:

    So many great choices girlie. Love your picks!

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  3. These are such great dupes!! I managed to score a pair of dupes for $20 from Marshall’s the other day! <3

    Abby xx

  4. Great dupes!! 🙂 Not everyone has a Valentino budget!

  5. kat says:

    I love it! There is always such great picks at nordstrom rack!
    Thanks for sharing

    Kat |

  6. These are GREAT options!!! I would definitely go with the nude and black heels!!! Adore the ankle wrap flats you showed :-))))


  7. dressupbuttercup says:

    Ahh these are so great! Thanks for sharing <3

    Dede Raad

  8. Hales says:

    I have been wanting Valentinos for so long! These are good options!

    Xo, Hales |

  9. Loving the dupes! I bought the dupes and the real ones and I think I prefer the dupes!

    Sarah Lindner

  10. Kelsey says:

    These shoes are amazing! I love designer dupes!

    xo Kelsey |

  11. darlingdearestblog says:

    Love those Sole Society heels as well! I need to get me a pair or two of dupes- I don’t own any! Great round up.

  12. simplygailg says:

    Great dupes! Really love the red heels! Xx

  13. lonestarpersuasion says:

    Girl I did not Kano you were in Dallas! I’m in Fort Worth!

  14. UrbanBlonde says:

    Love these designer dupes! Great finds!

    xO – Steph

  15. Love this style and it is so nice that you can find it on a budget now! It is so hard to keep up with the trends but easier when you have options like this!
    xo Jessica

  16. Omg these are such good dupes! I want valentinos so bad but that price tag is just too much right now! These are perfect options! Xo

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