Worst Trends of Spring 2016

Worst Trends of Spring 2016

Happy Monday beauties! I thought I’d start off the day with something kind of meant to be humorous but also an honest opinion about some of the latest trends we saw on the runways. Designers work hard to be creative and put on a good show for us. However, sometimes they miss the mark! High fashion starts out as completely unwearable clothes for the average person and trickles down into retailers like Forever 21 that take these fashions and make them easy to wear. I can certainly appreciate these efforts but there are simply some things I still think missed the mark.

  1. The Slip Dress: I’m having a flash back to the 90s. Anyone attempting to wear the normal bra and underwear combo is going to be taken back when the lines of said undergarments are quite visible through this dress. If you enjoy going undie-less, then this might be the dress for you, otherwise avoid it.
  2. The Rucksack: In my humble opinion, it’s a glorified backpack. I’ve seen some that are actually pretty cute but they aren’t convenient unless you’re hiking up a mountain or in Disney World all day. Add some Furbies to it for a trip down memory lane though.
  3. The Denim High-Waisted Skirt: Hello mom’s wardrobe, I never thought you’d be in style. This is without a doubt my least favorite trend this spring. Whoever wanted to bring the 90s back really should have reconsidered before Forever 21 picked the trend up.
  4. The Choker: Seriously? Why is this back? Lizzie McGuire has long since ended and a piece of jewelry that is meant to resemble a tattoo is not an accessory I look forward to seeing on all these teenagers who think they’re clever.
  5. The Peasant Top: Not the worst trend this season but not my favorite either. Depending on the top, it can look really cute! However, I’ve seen a lot of the off-shoulder styles floating around and it’s a little unfortunate for anyone who wanted to leave the 70s in the past.

Feel free to debate me on this. There are just certain things I don’t like that come out of New York Fashion Week. Comment with your favorite or least favorite trend of the season!

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  1. felicity888 says:

    I can’t agree with you more 🙂

  2. Oh wonderful! We all need to be told the worst! I am your moms age probably older ! and I can tell you high waisted anything never did anything for us back then either! Will you post worst shoe ideas as well? I’m not seeing anything so darlin’ I can’t live without it!

  3. Lol this post is hilarious! I HAVE to agree with the chokers though. Ugh, why are those coming back?! So not cool!


  4. aapbvd says:

    I totally understand this, especially because I wore all these trends years ago. Love them but they are SO difficult….

    Adele Adelheid Philomena Brigid Vergina Donata

    Crux sacra sit mihi lux / Non draco sit mihi dux
    Vade retro satana / Numquam suade mihi vana
    Sunt mala quae libas / Ipse venena bibas


  5. Oh god not chokers! I’ve seen those off-the-shoulder top as well and I just cringed. Apparently culottes are also making a comeback which makes me want to throw up. 😷

  6. ingrid says:

    I agree with you 100% … What about that skirt 🙁

  7. Totally agree with you on everything except I have to say I LOVE off the shoulder tops and think it’s going to be a huge trend this season! Don’t like peasant tops, but tasteful off-the-shoulders can promote unique silhouettes. Love reading your posts!

    xx Suz

  8. Seriously can’t stand that skirt ! Lol

  9. C.K. says:

    How refreshing to read your post! I just saw a girl wearing that choker yesterday and thought the same thing! Thanks for the laugh!

  10. C.K. says:

    How refreshing to read your post! I just a girl wearing that choker yesterday and thought the same thing! Thanks for the laugh!

  11. Enjoy says:

    Go girl! some of us need to hear it! 😉

  12. susie40s says:

    Hate the jean skirt! Yuck! Good job picking out the bad trends!

  13. ugh I really dislike chokers, I get the 90’s are kind of coming back in style but chokers are not a good look.


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